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How it all started - Kyran's story!

How it all started - Kyran's story!

How it all started...

A faded red Honda XR200R, leaning against the wall in the courtyard, my first and fondest memories of a motorcycle.

It wasn’t long after that, I was picked up and placed on the seat with my back against my father’s chest and I was told to keep my feet up, mind the exhaust and reach forward for the handlebars. Once the wheels started turning and the engine started rumbling, the seed was planted.

Growing up, my Grandfather Charles Pratt (Motor Sport Union 1969-1979) played an important role in honing and nurturing my interest and passion for motors and wheels.

As young as 6 years old, the sound and classic style of Harley-Davidson® motorcycles had my attention. Winding down the windows of the car just to hear one pass was an experience all on its own! By 9 years old I had figured out how to get an abandoned 50cc running and riding again, my greatest accomplishment of 1999. 

Throughout my school years, two wheels have been a part of it all. From pushing the limits on the Downhill MTB single tracks, to getting covered in mud on 2strokes. It was all part of the journey of experiencing one of mankind’s noblest inventions: circles turning circles. 

Having my first visit to a Harley-Davidson® Dealership around the age of 12, yet another seed was planted. Being a huge fan of American muscle, things just got better: American muscle on two wheels. If there was a moment in time to press pause and take it all in, it would have been there. My parents literally had to drag me out of there.

After graduating from the faculty of fine art and design, no matter where I worked or what job I did, there was this endless knocking in me. I could not escape my passion for some of the most iconic motorcycles on earth. From almost limitless customizing options to all out race spec. Harley-Davidson® was something close to the heart; I knew it had to be, somewhere, sometime. It all changed again on a visit to Bike Fest in Gauteng.

After meeting and chatting with our current master technician, Trevor De Jager, an opportunity was forthcoming. I shared my passion for the Harley-Davidson® brand and my passion for riding. All the lights got turned on at once! Not long after that I received an opportunity of a lifetime; a boy’s dream could come true.

My journey with Harley-Davidson® motorcycles began on the 1st December 2017 when I started the first day of the rest of my life. I am now happily associated with a brand that caught my attention 21 years ago and I am in a position that allows me to share this brand with anyone who walks through these doors.

I am truly grateful to the team at Harley-Davidson® Durban for taking a shot in the dark and bringing me on board! 

Kyran Pratt