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The BIG Reveal

The BIG Reveal

2018…. What a year it has proven to be.  We have seen the launch of the new Softail® range and the retirement of the old stalwart; the Dyna®.  When the new Softail® motorcycles arrived, they were breath-taking to say the least and were received with a mix of awe, trepidation and downright suspicion in some instances. 

As 2018 progressed, we got used to these beasts and make no mistake, beasts they are! Test rides were taken, track days have been had and these Milwaukee-Eight™ powered machines have proven themselves more than capable.  So what could possibly give rise to a big reveal you may ask?  Read on and find out. 

The Harley-Davidson® brand has always been synonymous with innovation, reliability and continuity.  The big reveal introduced us to a new sibling in the Softail® brotherhood, the Sport Glide™. If ever there was a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle that ticked all the boxes then I have to say this bike is it. It lends itself to multiple uses and can change as you need it.  

Some Harley-Davidson® riders prefer the touring look, some prefer the naked look, and others prefer to have some luggage on their bike with a naked front end. The Sport Glide™ gives you the best of all these worlds and more!  

We had 2 of these beautiful masterpieces on display for us on the night.  One was in full trim (front fairing with panniers) and the other was totally naked.  What impressed me was how sexy the bike looks in both states of dress (or undress as the case may be).  What impressed me even more was the ease with which you can change this bike’s appearance. I am not the world’s most technically gifted individual, and I am happy to report that even I can dress or undress this pretty lady without a single tool being used.  

The familiar rumble of the 107 cubic inch Milwaukee-Eight™ motor is complimented with a 2 into 1 exhaust system that looks as good as it sounds.  You will be able to easily cleave your path forward day or night with the assistance of the super bright LED headlight unit that shines as far as the eye can see.  Rider position is extremely comfortable with forward controls and flattish wide bars to hang on to.  The rear end of the bike is clean with the LED tail light / indicator combination that has become the norm with the newer bikes.  

All in all, the big reveal lived up to expectations.  I look forward to tearing up the streets on the 2018 Harley-Davidson® Sport Glide™ in the near future!