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Harley-Davidson® LiveWire™: Why I am excited!

16 January 2019

Harley-Davidson® LiveWire™: Why I am excited!

Harley-Davidson® LiveWire™: Why I am excited!

By Matt Rossouw

LiveWire™ is a distinctive peek into the future of motorcycling. Electric Vehicles (EV) are here to stay, and it is really encouraging to see that a motorcycle manufacturer has embraced technology in such a positive way.

LiveWire™, at first, will offer more questions than answers for most. “How far can it go?”, “How long does it take to charge up?”, “where can it be charged?” etc. But I think if we all take a step back and appreciate LiveWire™ for what it is: A first. A first for Harley-Davidson® and a first for many of the regions where this motorcycle will be sold, where a fully electric motorcycle is something out of a comic book. Electric vehicles to most are nothing new, but what really makes this EV special, is that it has been designed with ease of use being one of the most important requirements. Being able to charge the motorcycle from any standard plug point definitely echoes that ethos.

I have never driven/rode an EV of this magnitude and I also have been of the mind set (I am sure I share the same mind set as many others out there) that part of the joy of riding is the rumble of the motor as you twist the throttle and the revs start to build. With that missing from EV’s, they have never really been that exciting to me. But one cannot deny that having 100% of the power available to you instantly is a very exciting prospect. It is going to be a new way of riding with LiveWire® and for me, which is the most exciting part of all of this.

As motorcycle riders, we love riding different types of motorcycles, because each motorcycle offers something different. As a rider who is relatively new to the Harley-Davidson® brand, I have come to appreciate what Harley-Davidson® offers you as a rider. My hope and prayer is that LiveWire™ is just as much of a Harley-Davidson® as all of the models before it. The history of Harley-Davidson® is undeniable and in many respects remarkable, but with a fresh and exciting approach to the future of motorcycling, LiveWire™ is surly going to be one hell of a ride.