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Safety First!

Safety First!

As the morning sun glistens over the curves of the engine of your freshly painted Harley® motorcycle, shooting sparkles of sunlight, a few of which could catch the attention of many. You eagerly stare at the open road ahead and feel the jitters crawl up your arm as you fire up your cruiser. A rider always thinks, before heading into the horizon, safety first!

The Harley-Davidson® riding culture of today places a priority on the importance of safety. Although fashion and style are taken into account when working around the manufacturing of our essential riding gear such as helmets, gloves, proper riding jackets and shoes, it passes PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) tests and meets CE (Certified Equipment) Certification where products are tested for seam strength and resistance against abrasion, cutting and tearing. Harley-Davidson® Durban takes every aspect of riding safety very seriously. 

Riding a motorcycle is inherently dangerous, but with the proper riding gear, which can be purchased at our dealership, you can enjoy your ride with absolute peace of mind.

Motorcycle Helmets: Protect your most valuable asset

The very first thing a rider requires is a helmet. Here at Harley-Davidson Durban, we take pride in the homologation of our helmets which meet South African Road Safety Standards. Although riding with the wind in your hair and bugs on your face may be a fetish for a select few, helmets are the first thing talked about because it protects your head and neck and is essentially the highest protection priority. Riding with a helmet has a direct correlation with your chances of surviving a motorcycle accident. Apart from having your face stay on your face, it adds to mystery. Batman wears a helmet. Catwoman wears a mask. What do they have in common? They exude mystery which is also what a helmet does. So add a little mystery to your life with one of our best sellers of helmets, the Matt Black CAPSTONE full face helmet which offers and advanced polycarbonate composite shell with double D-ring chin strap and a lightweight comfort chin bar. It helps flush out heat and humidity with an advanced Channeling Ventilation System or full front-to-back airflow. 

Protective Riding Gloves

Riding gloves are made to enhance the riders grip and control on the handle bars. Our riding gloves are improved with extra cushioning including pads as well as gel inserts. It offers protection for the riders’ hands in case of a fall and are most commonly known to be weather resistant.

Motorcycle Jacket: Look cool and protect your body

Riding jackets are seen as the second most important apparel when riding. Your riding jacket protects your torso and includes armour at your major impact points being your shoulders, elbows and back. Riding jackets are made with various materials for individual preferences due to the different climate conditions and body temperatures. We take pride in saying that our riding jackets are protective and offer latest fashion appeal.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are well known for their roar, so we get the load and proud appeal, which is showcased in the riding jackets such as the FXRG Triple Vent System Waterproof Riding Jacket. This jacket is built for all-weather comfort which includes advance waterproof fabrication designed with four way comfort stretch. The FXRG jacket is one of; as we like to say; The most versatile and intelligent jacket manufactured for your protection. 


Motorcycle boots is another part of riding gear that has made its way into mainstream culture. The right riding boot provides the rider with traction and protects all 26 bones and 33 joints in your feet in the event of a fall. When purchasing a pair of exceptional riding boots at our store, we advise that they are sturdy and have over the ankle protection 

Here at Harley-Davidson Durban, we believe that protective gear is crucial when riding. The acronym ATGATT: ALL THE GEAR, ALL THE TIME, is a ritual and mind-set that should be followed when you ride. Defensive riding can prevent most accidents but protective gear can save your life when defensive riding is not enough.

If you’re still looking for the perfect riding gear, then stop by Harley-Davidson Durban. We welcome all patrons around the country. We look forward to showcasing this incredible product when next you visit.

Article by Tren Naidoo and Nishka Govender: your resident merchandise experts at H-D® Durban.